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10013 Braces

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Orthodontist in 10013

If you think that metal braces are the only ones that are available, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. Among the choices we have available here at Karpov Orthodontics are Damon, Invisalign, and other clear braces options. Backed by our extensive experience and the benefits of advanced technology and equipment that you’ll find at our office, there is good reason to feel positive about getting your teeth realigned.

Traditional metal braces still serve a prominent role in orthodontic care. They are reliable, familiar, and have undergone some interesting developments over the years. Gone are the thick, clunky, unattractive monstrosities of times gone by. In their place, you’ll find that our 10013 braces are lightweight and stylish. You might opt, though, for Damon braces, which are self-ligating. This means that there are no ligatures or elastic bands to be concerned with, resulting in a more efficient method of positioning your teeth. Increasingly, though, there is a greater interest among many of our patients for braces that are invisible or hidden. And that makes sense. It can be awkward when you have braces that others can see. They may have good intentions, but the comments and questions serve only to make you feel self-conscious. The good news is that you can get our 10013 braces such that no one will know you’re wearing anything on your teeth. Our options can give you increased comfort and flexibility, including fewer visits to our office and the ability to remove your braces and avoid food restrictions.

Often, we will be asked which type of our 10013 braces are the best. There is no one answer to that question, because your needs, preferences, and goals are going to be unique compared to those of other people. Some choices might not be right for your situation. So please reach out to our office and book an appointment to come in for a consultation and examination.

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