Lower Manhattan Clear Braces

Lower Manhattan Clear Braces

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At the practice of Karpov Orthodontics, we stand out from other orthodontic offices by not only providing braces, including clear ones, but also by treating you as a person instead of just as a problem with teeth alignment that needs to be solved. We recognize that each patient is different, and so our approach must be tailored accordingly. You can expect a comfortable, smooth experience that results in a better-looking and healthier smile.

Our orthodontist in Lower Manhattan does not believe in waiting for today’s problems to become worse ones tomorrow. Interceptive orthodontics is based on the premise that by beginning as soon as age 7, your child can take advantage of proven methods for dealing with improperly positioned teeth, crowding, jaws that are out of sync, etc. There is everything to gain, and nothing to lose by bringing your child in for an assessment. Of course, for both kids and adults alike, we start off with an initial oral examination. Without the wellness of your teeth and gums being looked after, there isn’t much use for realigning your teeth. All aspects of your oral well-being are taken into account by our orthodontist in Lower Manhattan. When it comes time for braces, you can still benefit from metal ones, which have stood the test of the time. Or you might want to consider the results of technological advancements in braces, such as the Damon System, which is self-ligating and quicker; or Invisalign, the system of aligners that gives you many reasons to feel positive about your orthodontic treatment, including having braces that are invisible, removable, and comfortable. Other services we offer are custom sports mouthguards, and night guards.

When it comes to straighter teeth for you, your teen, or your child, you can always depend on our orthodontist in Lower Manhattan for the most effective solutions, along with attentive, gentle, personalized care.

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