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Lower Manhattan Orthodontic Office

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Orthodontic evaluations in Lower Manhattan

When you see your dentist for your oral exam, one of the things he checks for are malocclusions. Orthodontists are the dental specialists that diagnose and treat malocclusions. Therefore, if your dentist detects that you may have an orthodontic issue, he will refer you to professional at a Lower Manhattan orthodontic office for an evaluation.

When you first see your professional orthodontist at our Lower Manhattan orthodontic office, he will have to do some orthodontic evaluations. The evaluations will help the orthodontist to diagnose you and to come up with an appropriate treatment plan based on your diagnosis and other factors. Your initial assessment is very important because it will be used to establish your orthodontic baseline. You will receive a thorough oral examination during your initial office visit. During the initial oral exam, your expert orthodontist will do a thorough examination or your teeth, your oral musculature, and your skeletal deformity. He will also analyze your malocclusion. A thorough photographic analysis as well as a radiography analysis of panoramic and cephalometric x-rays will also be performed. The orthodontist will also discuss etiological factors with you, such as your oral habits. When you choose our practice, you’ll be in great hands. Our expert orthodontist at Karpov Orthodontics uses the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques and equipment to provide the exceptional diagnostic and treatment techniques to our patients. We use advanced dental technology in our office that enables us to provide outstanding diagnostic quality. We use advanced digital x-ray technology that provide clearer dental photos, save time, and are much safer for patients. Digital x-ray technology exposes our patients to ninety percent less radiation than traditional x-ray technology. Once our orthodontist completes your orthodontic evaluations, he will recommend a solid treatment plan that he’ll discuss with you.

Contact our Lower Manhattan orthodontic office right now to schedule your initial appointment with our professional orthodontist. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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