Lower Manhattan orthodontist

Lower Manhattan Orthodontist

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Orthodontist in Lower Manhattan

There is no age at which anyone would be unable to benefit from orthodontic care. That’s because when it comes to misaligned teeth and malocclusion, which is your bite being off, they are problems that do not correct themselves. More to the point, they tend to get worse over the course of time. For kids and adults alike, the services that we are pleased to provide here at Karpov Orthodontics are designed for optimal results in the shortest period of time. Our office features the latest advancements in the field, including high tech equipment. This makes your experience one that is pleasant and comfortable, as your teeth and jaws are being steadily repositioned for maximum health and aesthetics.

Many orthodontic issues first develop in childhood. And because of this, it is never too soon to bring your child in for an evaluation by our Lower Manhattan orthodontist. Getting an early start with braces, space retainers, and other useful appliances typically leads to less complicated treatment needed later on, such as in the teen years. But it is is important to stay on top of teeth alignment for life. Any time you lose a tooth and it is not replaced quickly, such as with a dental implant, there is an opportunity for your other teeth to shift. Furthermore, there are other circumstances that may result in poorly positioned teeth, even if you have a full set of them. Let our Lower Manhattan orthodontist perform an examination. And if you do need braces, you can breathe easily, because the options that are available are associated with being more efficient, more comfortable, and more cosmetically pleasing that at any time in the past.

Now is the ideal time to reach out to our office so that we can schedule an appointment for you or for you and your child to see our Lower Manhattan orthodontist.

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